welome 2 da site <3

hi fairies !!

I hope u guys luv da new site as much as I do !! there r still sum things I wanna add 2 it but I wanted to launch it already with the black friday sale! I wanted to make it kinda 90s vintage themed and also represent dreamscape's vibes hehe. let me know whatchu guys think of it! also welcome to the blog section of the site. here I'll be writing blogs bout lots of fun behind the scene stuff and also sum stuff about me every once and awhile! kinda like a little diary and a way 4 all of us 2 connect :)) comment bellow ur fave part of the website n what blogs u wanna see!!

luv all of uuuu's

xoxo, bb <3


  • cheetahfairy

    yayyyy im so excited to see what comin :))

  • fhHReJDi


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